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I am now offering an *optional* annual subscription service, which gives you:

• a number of releases from the back catalogue, and every future bandcamp release.
• Download these releases instantly as MP3/FLAC, to your desktop or mobile (no app needed).
• Unlimited streaming of these and future releases.

these are the releases for now:

Funckarma_DemsongzbyWe 2010
Funckarma_Dubstoned 1

Roel Funcken_Bloid Fraxton
Roel Funcken_Balaklavskiy Prospex
Roel Funcken_Iridium Flare
Roel Funcken_Iridium Flare bonus tracks (Exclusive for subscribers)
Roel Funcken_From the Archive
Roel Funcken_Remix Compilation 2008 -2014
Roel Funcken_Vade
Roel Funcken_Dreampty ep
Roel Funcken_Mercury Retrograde
Roel Funcken_Scure

Carbinax_Eyes (Roel Funcken rmx)

Quench_Hallstreak Foles
Quench_Danner Reznick

Legiac_The Faex has Decimated
Legiac_The Voynich Manuscript
Legiac_Mings Feaner
Legiac live @ Fluister 09oct2016

Ndangr Species_Night terrors Instrumental/dubz versionzzzz


Shadow Huntaz_Dark Matter instrumentals

remixes for Mercury Retrograde & The Faex has Decimated

And most importantly, knowing that you are *directly* supporting the music we make. giving us the opportunity to spend more time to work on doing what we love. It's a means for the most generous fans to directly sustain the future of our musical projects, making a real difference and offering new opportunities for us to keep writing and releasing music.

What you get:

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* Downloads are DRM-free and available in MP3, FLAC and more.
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Funckarma is the long standing project of Don and Roel Funcken. Two Dutch brothers notorious for their bass heavy, groove filled IDM and experimental approach to all forms of electronic music. Always forging new sounds in their constant sonic evolution. More recently they’re breaking into the dubstep and DnB scenes, bringing their own unique form to these ever shifting landscapes.

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